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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Devoxx Morocco ?
When/where is Devoxx Morocco will be held ?
What is Devoxx ?
How to keep informed of the latest information on Devoxx Morocco ?
Who should attend Devoxx Morocco ?
Is the conference really worth its price ?
How do I get my conference pass (tickets) ?
What types of entries?
What are the different payment methods?
I bought my ticket can you recommend any hotel to stay ?
Can you help me with logistics in Morocco ?
I can’t join the conference due to some circumstances, can't I get a refund
Devoxx Morocco is cancelled for reasons beyond our control e.g. government decision, What type of refund can I have?


Can I have a Discount for the Conference?

Session & Presentations

What is the language of the conference sessions ?
What are the topics ?
What are the types of learning sessions at Devoxx Morocco ?
Do you record presentations ?


How can I be a speaker at the conference ?
When is the Call For Papers open ?
My presentation has been accepted, do I need to pay for conference pass ?
My presentation has been accepted but we are multiple speakers for the presentation, should we pay our entrance to the conference ?
I have already paid for my pass and my presentation topic was accepted in the CFP process. Am I entitled to a free ticket ? Can I give the one I already have to someone else ?
I submitted a presentation request on the call for paper site (CFP), should I also register for the event ?
I got accepted and my spouse is travelling with me. Is that possible?


Are there any exhibitors' spaces ?
How do I become a sponsor ?

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